The place where people can request games, minecraft maps and send nifty fan art. Maybe random Q&A.
*Try not to request things i've already done*
ruuzuha asked:
What happend to creature talks lately?

its up right NOW

Vote for what you want to see animated next.


What do you want as the next Animated Classic?

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Office Creatures background
pandelorean asked:
So since you've moved out, who gets to keep the Mural? You or Aleks?

I have it :)

moldycaprisun asked:
why don't the creatures go to pax south?

Cause we do RTX, which is also in Texas…and its also not at the beginning of the year.

UberHaxorNova and Denied Anal talk about bros

I decided to make an AutoRap out of your latest Sims 4 video and this is the result…

lepoopshooter asked:
Are you a fan account?


Did you know that the voice actor for Kenny said that your reaction to Kenny's return was his favorite? :)